Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the Most modern and highly demanded technology used by all major IT Companies.


Networking consists of all major type of network simulation models such as wired networks, wirless networks, MANET,VANET, other ADHOC Networks etc

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing is the Latest technology which replaces the desktop computing. We have Mobile Networking, Android , IOS and Windows Platforms.

Data Security

Data Security is the most researching field now. We work on Cryptographic Algorithms for Symmetric/Asymmetric Encryptions, Hashing, Digital Signature, Authentication,Key Exchange etc...


Internet Technologies are Updating day-by-day, We work on fields such as web crawling, web Fetching, web optimization, etc...

Data Mining

Data is becoming large, so better algorithms and methods should be implemented for better and faster processing of data, We work on this field.

Fleming Solutions

Technology is not limited, We focus on many other related technologies such as dependable computing, Augmented Reality, OS optimization etc..